You say “Festival”- we say, “Let’s do it”.

Our Cape Town based Red Hot Events team has been solely instrumental in establishing three music festivals that between them have capacity for between 700 to 3000 attendees.
Festivals are a combination of insane chaos and tight control. Red Hot Events got into the festival business because there’s something totally cool about bringing people, music and beautiful locations together.

Planning, coordinating and orchestrating a festival calls for extraordinary people who have extraordinary skills. Just like every festival has it’s own style, its own mood, it’s own rhythm and it’s own unique identity, so too do the people who make it all happen.

They’re energetic, they’re fun, they’re smart, they’re multi-taskers of note, and they seem to have the ability to be in several places at one time.

These are River Republic, Up the Creek and Unplugged 62, and they all take place in scenic, remote locations in rural South Africa. This means that they all present interesting opportunities as well as interesting challenges.

It’s no small task, but our festival event planners manage ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. And, just in case you’re wondering, this includes: allocating budgets, pricing tickets, deciding on music line-ups, getting sponsors on board and managing the venues and festival sites. They also take charge of ALL the logistics, which involves erecting tents and fences, transporting porter-toilets, designating food stalls, and generally making sure that everything runs smoothly. Last but not least, they take great pride in their mixology skills and can’t wait to serve you some wild and exotic cocktails.