Corporate events demand a particular kind of event planning. The style of corporate function needs to be attuned to the corporate brand itself. It needs to be exclusive, yet inclusive. It needs to accommodate all kinds of people and all kinds of cultures. That’s why our event organisers will take the time to meet with your team and uncover the character of your organisation – who you are, what you like, and what your needs are for the occasion.

Whether you’re throwing a year-end party to thank your staff for their hard work, or are wooing potential clients at a lavish banquet, we’ll work closely with you to plan and produce a bespoke event that reflects your professional personality.

Ballrooms, botanical gardens, restaurants, wine farms, rooftops, yachts, warehouses, airplane hangars, dry docks, museums, beaches, art galleries, – there are endless possibilities for conventional and unconventional venues that will knock your – and your client’s -socks off.

The function you have in mind might be a multi-event affair, or a conference that needs state-of-the-art presentation facilities. Or, you might require an informal beach-barbecue, or be planning an innovative product launch. From brand-aligned decor to custom-made bars, leave it to us. We have long-standing relationships with preferred suppliers, venues, caterers, restaurants and shuttle-services. We’ll make the bookings, we’ll coordinate the programme, we’ll find the venue, we’ll decorate the location, we’ll organise the entertainment and we’ll arrange the goodie-bags.

In short, we’ll keep everybody well fed, entertained, impressed and happy.

Whether the corporate event you’re planning is for a small group of executives or your entire compliment of staff, from our Red Hot headquarters in Cape Town, our tight group of function planners will make sure that your event is slick, smooth and memorable. And fun. Of course it will be fun.