It takes many unique characters to produce many unique events.

Based in the beautiful city of Cape Town, our team of event planners create, manage and coordinate bespoke events for our clients. We’re a little like an orchestra; we function independently but work as one to deliver memorable experiences. And, we love what we do.

Every member of our team counts – from our warehouse staff who make sure that everything is clean, in place and ready to go, to our accounts department, who see to it that all the numbers add up.

The Red Hot Events company has been planning, coordinating and managing events for a long time – over a decade in fact – so we understand the nature of the game. Our event coordinators are an extraordinary breed of people who have an extraordinary sense of humour that allows them to withstand the challenges that event planning brings. They take the strain so that you don’t have to.

Putting together an event is like piecing a puzzle together; it all has to fit. We get that, and together, we bring it all together.