Like a vinyl record on a turntable, entertainment is central to the success of an event.

Entertainment isn’t only about giving people something to look at or listen to. It’s about enhancing their experience and creating memorable moments. It’s about giving them something intangible that will last forever. And there’s something really cool about that.

At Red Hot, we understand that events and entertainment go hand in hand. We also understand that entertainment needs to work in concert with all the other elements of the event. This means that we plan around the theme of the function and take into account the mood of the occasion, as well as the demographics of the guests who will attend the event.

Music has the ability to simultaneously transport you back in time and keep you totally immersed in the present. What’s more, we totally agree with Hans Christian Anderson: Where words fail, music speaks.

That’s why we can hook you up with some of the best DJ’s, marimba bands, rock bands, big bands, jazz bands, steel-drum bands, string quartets, singers, and even choirs and Philharmonic orchestras in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, and in fact all over Southern Africa.If we are arranging your entire event, we’ll propose entertainers and a programme that’s attuned to your event. We think big. Like stilt walkers and trapeze artists. We think unusual. Like magicians and massage therapists. We think unforgettable. Like ballerinas and opera singers. We think edgy. Like graffiti artists, fire dancers and slack-lining. And we think fun. Like reggae bands, cabaret dancers and djembe drums. If you are arranging your event and only require entertainment, tell us about it. What’s the occasion? What kind of atmosphere do you want to create? Where’s the venue? Who’ll be attending? How many guests will there be? And badum tish! We’ll pull something out of the bag for you.