Behind every great team, there’s another great team… at least that’s how we see it. Our warehouse staff bring it. Literally. Our couches, ottomans, daybeds, tables, chairs, carpets, plinths, mirrors, vases and cushions, are all carried by the able hands, strong arms and willing hearts of our warehouse staff. They carry, they clean, they load, they polish, they paint, they fix, they lift, they sweat and they smile. They do what they have to do under the most trying of circumstances and they do it with energy and enthusiasm. It’s gruelling work. It’s work that takes place out of the spotlight. Sometimes the circumstances are so tricky that it would be easier to slide an elephant through the eye of a needle. But somehow, rain or shine, they manage to pull it off. The Red Hot warehouse team come from richly diverse backgrounds and have richly diverse interests and skills. Amongst them are trained chefs, rugby players, river guides, soccer fans, devoted moms, loving dads, music aficionados, avid readers and eternal students of life. We value each and every one of them for their strong talents, their unique personalities and for the tireless dedication that they bring to their work. It’s true. Not all superheroes wear capes. Many of them wear overalls.

Fuziwe “Roundy”

  • The “round one” of a twin
  • Loves spending time with her kids
  • Weekends are for chilling, sharing and reading dramas


  • Family is the centre of her life
  • TV keeps her entertained
  • Loves her job

Quinton “Bakkies”

  • Rugby enthusiast
  • Chooses time with his kids over anything
  • Likes the quiet life


  • A trained chef who takes charge of the kitchen on Sundays
  • Obsessed with watching sport
  • Choral music aficionado

Monwabisi “Mono” Caswell

  • Used to be a river guide
  • Loves to keep learning
  • A family man who loves soccer