It takes many unique characters to produce many unique events.

Based in the beautiful city of Cape Town, our team of event planners create, manage and coordinate bespoke events for our clients. We’re a little like an orchestra; we function independently but work as one to deliver memorable experiences. And, we love what we do.

Every member of our team counts – from our warehouse staff who make sure that everything is clean, in place and ready to go, to our accounts department, who see to it that all the numbers add up.

The Red Hot Events company has been planning, coordinating and managing events for a long time – over a decade in fact – so we understand the nature of the game. Our event coordinators are an extraordinary breed of people who have an extraordinary sense of humour that allows them to withstand the challenges that event planning brings. They take the strain so that you don’t have to.

Putting together an event is like piecing a puzzle together; it all has to fit. We get that, and together, we bring it all together.

Johan Shepherd

Creative Director and Partner

“The Particular One”

Our one-of-a-kind event maestro, décor devotee, and creative coordinator. Johan eats, sleeps and breaths events but don’t let his obsessive-perfectionism fool you – he’s a charmer. More than that, he’s a big personality; he thinks big and delivers even bigger. Johan goes passionately and fearlessly to the ends of the earth for his clients. He has a clear, precise vision of what must be done and makes sure that it gets done just right; all the time, every time. For six years he cut his teeth in the events industry while working in the high-pressure role of Executive Chef at the Castle in Cape Town. Johan brings a unique sense of style and innovation to the Red Hot team. As one of the partners, he was instrumental in establishing Red Hot Events and his tireless dedication to the brand keeps him delivering fresh, vibrant events.

3 Fun facts

  • Loves his exotic, Asian lineage
  • Is always fashionably late
  • Has an alter ego (no really, he does)

Annie Sowden

Non-Executive Member

“The Chameleon”

Behind Annie’s bright eyes, playful smile and razor sharp mind lies a soulful spirit. As one of the partners of Red Hot Events, Annie has been instrumental in nurturing and growing the organisation into the multi-faceted event services company it is today. Aptly branded “The Chameleon”, Annie is a colourful blend of intellect, imagination, instinct and interest. She thrives on submerging herself in every new event and easily adapts to the circumstances, budget, needs and vision of each new client. Her life’s legacy is events – from private celebrations to music festivals to large incentives to exclusive functions – you name it, she’s done it. And after being in the events industry for over a decade, she still does it, with passion.

3 Fun facts

  • Lover of nature and the great outdoors
  • Globe-trotter, adventurer and architecture anorak
  • Favourite movie of all time: Out of Africa

Mark Kampers

CFO, Business Strategist and Partner

“The details one”

Like a captain at the helm, we might not always see Mark, but we always feel the way he gently, but surely guides our ship to favourable waters. But behind Mark’s organised, efficient, productive exterior lies a mellow, amiable, down-to-earth guy. We’re not quite sure how he does it, but he’s both our eye in the sky and our man on the ground. He’s everywhere, helping us formulate systems, navigate red tape, process paperwork, negotiate legalities, strategize business, manage risk, conduct ethics and regulate finances. Incredibly, Mark has managed to squeeze several lifetimes into just one. He’s an entrepreneur and an adventurer, and he’s always looking for ways to do things better, smarter and wiser. He’s been a leading member of the Red Hot team since 2007 and brings with him a wide range of business skills as well as a legacy of successful enterprises. Mark’s experience spans tourism, event management, customer service, leisure travel, catering, hospitality, management, marketing strategy, logistics and tour operations. You may not find him in the limelight, but that’s probably because he’s holding the spotlight.

3 Fun facts

  • Devoted, attentive, fun dad
  • Loves doing Amazing Race-type adventures with his kids
  • Never sits still, never a dull moment

Michelle Davey

Event manager

“The young one”

Michelle’s sweet, youthful demeanour belies a tough, energetic character. And, she knows her stuff. In 2015, armed with a National Diploma inEvent Management from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, she secured herself an internship at Red Hot Events. Once we’d seen her event planning mettle, we decided to keep her. She loves being out-and-about, meeting and planning with clients, and thrives on the variety of events that she helps to plan, create and produce.

3 Fun facts

  • Equestrian rider par excellence
  • Runs marathons on the quiet
  • Like Napoleon, she can’t live without her champagne

Caitlin Hanley

Festivals director

“The super-friendly one”

You should know that Caitlin’s infectious energy is highly contagious. It’s practically guaranteed that you’ll be packing your bags to head off to a music festival after meeting her. This bubbly dynamo holds a BComm and Honours in Public Relations. She arrived on our doorstep in 2012 to apply for an Internship but we were so enchanted with her that we immediately snapped her up as a permanent member of our team. Because Caitlin’s a dab hand with people, PR, marketing and social media, we assigned her to our festivals department where she evolved to become our Fiercely Fine Director of Festivals. Directing festivals is a whirlwind affair; Caitlin says she does it because she’s mad enough to and also because she likes watching other people having fun. It just so happens that she’s also incredibly good at it. As head honcho of our festival faculty, she loves the intimate, crazy, vibey dynamics of the close-knit team that she works with. The buck starts and stops with Caitlin. She oversees the entire process – from concept stage to ticket prices to line-up to sponsors to logistics to fencing to portable lavatories and to everything else that makes a music festival totally rock.

3 Fun facts

  • She never missed a day of school. Not even one.
  • Her mother thought she worked for Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  • Thinks she’s annoyingly loud (but we like her that way)

Brandon Ruth

Event Manager

“The jovial one”

Time flies when you’re having fun. That’s Brandon. An hour in his company will seem like five minutes and when you leave, you’ll feel like you’re leaving a friend. Brandon is definitely not your average 9-to-5 kind of guy. He’s an always-give-120%, passionate, playful, creative, extravagant, roll-up-your-sleeves, get-stuck-in, slightly naughty kind of guy. He joined the Red Hot team in 2012 but it feels like we’ve known him forever. He holds a Degree in Education, which might be why he’s able to systematically break up the BIG picture into bite-sized pieces. In fact, consolidating the myriad of tasks that event management calls for is one of the favourite parts of his job. He’s a people’s person, and his background in sales has enhanced the inherent skill he has of relating to all kinds of people from all walks of life. When he’s not working a 28-hour day at Red Hot, you’ll find him conversing with foreigners or travelling to somewhere exotic – like Turkey, Brazil or Morocco. But wherever you find him, you’ll find him enjoying life.

3 Fun facts

  • He’s malleable and bright – like copper, his favourite material
  • Boundary breaker, statement maker
  • Obsessed with navy blue

Nicki Proudfoot

Hiring Manager

“The all rounder”

Our can-do, multi-tasker of note. Nicki’s upbeat attitude means that she’s always willing to help out where she can. Super organised and with her finger on the pulse, she knows where everything is and where everything should be. Nicki came to Red Hot Events with eight years prior experience in the event hiring services so she understands the pressure, demands and challenges of the industry and takes them in her stride. Her experience in event hiring and rental helps her coordinate the comings and goings of the Red Hot warehouse. She’s been a trusted member of the Red Hot Events team since in 2007.

3 Fun facts

  • A total people’s person
  • Loves being a mom
  • Mad for cats – especially the five she owns

Leigh-Ann Williams

General Manager & Accountant

“The numbers one”

Since 2007, our petit powerhouse Leigh-Ann has been making sure that all the numbers at Red Hot Events add up. With a National Diploma in Business Management, she orchestrates our finances and makes sure that there’s always harmony between our cash in and cash out. Formidable and fastidious, she shoulders the weight of our entire finance setup and bears it with grace and good humour. Although grey is her favourite colour, there’s nothing grey about her; at any moment she has a hundred balls in the air and she never drops even one. We trust her, we like her, and her calm disposition reassures us every day that “we got this”. Leigh-Ann’s skill at sorting the shekels means that we can get on with what we do best, while she does what she does best. We simply couldn’t do what we do without her.

3 Fun facts

  • Mad for music – any music, all music!
  • Nifty with numbers
  • Family and friends are everything

Letitia Riley

Floral Artist

“The Little Bloom”

Like the medium she works with, Letitia is fresh, gorgeous and ALIVE. Working alongside the ever-evolving, eclectic, Joan Bloom, Letitia is a green-branch who easily adjusts to the changing demands of a time-pressured industry. Brave and bold, she is unafraid to experiment and push the limits of creativity. Like an aerial root, she is constantly on the lookout for exciting trends, but remains rooted in the legacy that has been established by the Joan Bloom brand. Her Diploma in Event Management and the experience she gained from various internship programmes has given her abilities beyond her years. It was during her internship with Red Hot Events in 2012 that we decided we couldn’t live without her. Letitia not only has an instinctive sense of foral creativity, she is also a quick study and embraces the mentorship, techniques and know-how of Joan Bloom. Her botanical knowledge stemmed entirely from her passion to learn about the “tools of her trade”. Obsessive attention to detail is her thing, and she thrives on the pressure that comes with dealing with seasonal, fresh produce – where nothing is certain and every minute counts. Her affinity for peonies and trees reflects her identity: delicate, unpredictable and unique combined with strong, sturdy and enduring. She describes Red Hot Events as “fierce”, but we could say the same of her.

3 Fun facts

  • You won’t find her in the same room as a skew portrait
  • If she’s not smiling it’s because she has food in her mouth
  • Although she’s a “flower gurl”, she’s a total arbourphile