Red Hot Events is a company that offers event planning services throughout Southern Africa. We create luxury bespoke events and will coordinate and manage every last detail of your experience.

Every part of what we do is important. Each element matters. All aspects are relevant…

Event [ih-vent] noun
A thing that happens or takes place, especially one of importance

We understand that an event makes people stop, observe, feel, experience, enjoy, absorb and relax. It’s a pause from life that can transport guests into another world, into another time, and into another headspace.

Plan [plan] noun
A detailed proposal for doing or achieving something

Plans. It’s all in the detail. It’s working out the best way to do something and creating a blueprint for successful execution. We plan and plan and plan some more, so that everything runs smoothly.

Service [ˈsəːvɪs] noun
The action of helping or doingwork for someone.

Helping and working for our clients is what we do. We do what we do, so that you can concentrate on what you do. We take the strain so that you can relax. We stay on our toes so that you can kick up your heels.

Company [ˈkʌmp(ə)ni] Mass noun
The fact or condition of being with another or others, especially in a way that provides friendship and enjoyment.

Our company is a collective of like-minded people who all bring something special to the table. We are all passionate about events. We are all dedicated to offering our clients the very best. We all really love what we do.

Coordinate [kəʊˈɔːdɪneɪt] verb
Bring the different elements of (a complex activity or organization) into a harmonious or efficient relationship

Coordinating an event is like doing a dance: It can’t be rushed. It must be on time. It must be executed in sequence. It should seem effortless. It must be elegant.

Manage [ˈmanɪdʒ] verb
A detailed proposal for doing or achieving something

Managing an event means being hands-on all the time. We not only make sure that all resources are allocated correctly and efficiently, but we also oversee the entire production and take complete control of the reins.

The events that we do include, but are not limited to:

Weddings, product launches, international events, entertainment, private dinners, galas, brand activations, incentive group functions, corporate functions, birthday parties, awards galas, corporate retreats, music festivals and celebrations of almost any kind. We’ve even planned and pulled off a classy baby shower.

If hiring of furniture and accessories for a party is all that you need, we can do it.

If you need ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING arranged, from sending out invitations to handing out farewell favours and everything in-between, we are your team.

Contact us to arrange your event